Your New DIY Aquaponics Checklist

Your New DIY Aquaponics Checklist to get you started the right way When you start your DIY Aquaponics Garden it is very important to plan every detail. You have plenty of different parts of your garden to consider. As Aquaponics is an ecosystem, all the part of the system rely on each other for it to work at maximum efficiency. Following this checklist will help you identify all the elements…


How To Start Your DIY Aquaponics Garden

How To Start Your DIY Aquaponics Garden Thes are the core of your Aquaponics System, the engine room. The bacteria that grow in your garden and convert the fish waste (Ammonia) to nitrates. The exist everywhere in your Aquaponics garden, in the fish pond, the grow bed and on the pump. Without them, Aquaponics does not work, these microscopic creatures work tirelessly to convert to fish waste to food your…


Do You Worry About GMO? Your Own GMO Free Aquaponics Garden

Your Own GMO-Free Aquaponics Garden Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are mentioned in the news all the time lately. But what does it really mean to you, and the food you cook and serve your family? Increasing numbers of large supermarket chains are selling GMO foods because they are able to buy cheaper. Like everything else in big business, profits come first. They don’t address issues of what is best for…


Growing Strawberries in Aquaponics Gardens

The Best Way of Growing Strawberries in Aquaponics Gardens We all know how well strawberries grow in Hydroponics, well you can go a step further with strawberries grown in an Aquaponics Garden using towers. Towers (vertical garden) allow you to grow more strawberries in a smaller area as the towers are vertical. With the correct method, it is very low maintenance and totally organic. All nutrients in Aquaponics are supplied naturally…


Produce Quality Food With Aquaponics

Food With Aquaponics – The best Way to take control With the economy going out of control, finding cheap, quality products has become a challenge even for the smartest shoppers. It seems like all prices have gone wild and you have to pay a fortune just to have a normal, balanced diet. Usually, the products which come cheaper are also of lower quality, so you need to sacrifice more for…


First DIY Aquaponics – Plans will make you an Expert?

Building My First DIY Aquaponics – Do you want to know how?   Aquaponics is a centuries old method of using nature to grow organic food with little interference from man. Once setup there is very little maintenance and very low to no cost. We have learned more about this method of farming. Now technology has also helped us improve the efficiency of aquaponics systems every further. Aquaponics systems are now extremely scalable and…

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4 Mistakes Aquaponics Beginners Make

Aquaponics Beginners Make These Common Mistakes When you start your DIY Aquaponics project it is important you plan. Make sure you have all your information before you start. If you do it right you will have the best garden you have ever had. Aquaponics gardens are easy to manage, plants and fish grow quickly and best of all, it is totally organic. So some mistakes made by beginners are: Too…


3 Essentials for Aquaponics Garden

Aquaponics Growers Often Overlook these 3 Essentials   Oxygen in your Aquaponics Garden Oxygen is produce two ways, Water circulation from the fish tank through the solids filter to the grow bed(s) and back to the fish tank oxygenates the water. This is the free method and generally produces enough oxygen. To supplement the oxygenation an air pump can be added to your Aquaponics garden. Check out my post What…


What Size Aquaponics Water Pump?

Aquaponics Water Pump – What Size Should I Choose? When selecting an Aquponics Water Pump you need to take into account the flow rate and the maximum lift height of the punmp. Let’s look at each of these: Flow Rate: You need to turn over your fish tank water every two hours and run 26 to 38 litres through each growbed every hour.  So you calculation for litres per hour will…

Aquaponics History

The Aquaponics History…..

Aquaponics History – Years Ago The Aztecs Started   Aquaponics History – The Beginning Before the term Aquaponics was even thought of the Aztecs were using a system where fish fertilized plants on movable and fixed islands in shallow lakes. Aquaponics History – Far East China, Thailand and Indonesia used the aquaponics process when they added fish to their rice paddies. Called polycultural farming they raised aquatic animals such as…